It’s Now or Never

It’s Now or Never.

I have no major event I need to get skinny for in 2017. No real reason that now is the time. It’s just this gut feeling that I am at the edge of a cliff, where if I keep eating everything in sight I’ll fall off the cliff and there will be no going back.

Or I can work to remind myself why I want to lose weight, and do a complete turn around. Run away from the edge; run towards the light of healthy living.

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I downloaded the Nike Plus app. I’ve committed to a 5k in March.

I’ve purchased new storage bins of various sizes and colors. I plan to spend the next few weeks purging everything hiding in my house. I’ll start with my bathroom and my make up drawer, medicine cabinet, linen closet. Then go from there to room to room, until The Great Purge of 2017 is completed.

And with that, let’s have a playlist.



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