One Room at a Time

Two year olds have A LOT of junk.

Yesterday I went through my child’s dresser. I cleaned out every missing sock, every stained or worn piece of clothing, and all of the clothes that were now too small. Then I organized her shoes, boxed up all of the hair bows she refuses to wear, and hung up every “nice” piece of clothing in the closet.

Then I went through her toys.

She’s two, so it can be hard for me to determine what is too “baby” for her, and what can still teach her different shapes, colors, and alphabet. I did my best to make a pile to store in the shed (we’re crossing fingers for baby number two) and what can remain in her room for her to play with.

When I was finished I felt very accomplished. I staged it so my husband would notice, because I know he likes this sort of thing. He considers himself a minimalist; clean lines and modern to the core.

I felt so good that I went through my junk drawer in the kitchen, and threw away all of the old coupons and restaurant delivery menus. Because I’m on a new diet, ya know.



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