Round Thing


In your face.

I have never owned a ribbon tape measure that I could use to measure my bust, belly, and hips.

It was probably a mindless oversight. I’m sure of it. No real denial going on, just hadn’t seen the use for it. Right?


It’s been on my shopping list for a while. Probably years. I would think about it more in the spring when summer was fast approaching and I was dreading a swimsuit. Then I’d just go buy a bigger swimsuit. One with more coverage I’d say, because I’m in my thirties. Because I’m a mom and I’ve out grown looking beautiful. What a bunch of crock. The real truth is I had been slowly gaining 5 to 7 pounds a year since I was married, and if I hadn’t I’d be rocking a bikini All Dang Day.

So I bought one.

Bust: 41 (ouch)

Belly: 41 (no hour glass here!)

Hips: 45 (Round thing in your face.) tape_measure


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